Corporate Clients – Special Programs

Cumming & Partners provides U.S. Immigration, Canadian Immigration and Global Immigration services to hundreds of corporations and their employees. Our corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies, large multinationals, middle market companies and smaller companies (including start-ups). Because of our corporate immigration focus, we have developed many special programs for our clients. We can customize these programs to match the specific needs of your company.

Our corporate immigration practice has a three-pronged focus: (1) unparalleled competency; (2) superior client service; and (3) cost-effective solutions.

We would be happy to arrange for a consultation regarding the immigration needs of your company. Our law firm is also often asked to participate in the corporate immigration Request for Proposal (RFP) process and welcomes this opportunity. To coordinate assistance from our law firm, please refer to the information at Contact Us.

The special programs that encompass our corporate immigration practice include:
Proprietary Case Management Software.  Our law firm uses proprietary case management software for our corporate immigration practice. This software maximizes our processing efficiencies and enhances communication with our clients. It produces monthly case lists and summaries for our clients, offers a comprehensive “tickler” system, and allows secure real-time access to updates on the status of each employee’s file.  Further, we can customize this software to create reports that match a client’s exact corporate immigration needs.

Combined U.S. and Canadian Immigration Services. We provide comprehensive U.S. and Canadian immigration services, in addition to our global immigration practice. Every partner at our law firm is licensed as a lawyer in Canada and the United States.  We are a unique law firm with a true cross-border practice. We handle both the U.S. and Canadian immigration needs of many of our corporate clients, and the administrative efficiencies allow us to provide such clients with a discount on their legal fees.

Flat Fee Quotes. We provide straight-forward flat fee quotes for corporate immigration matters that detail all of the legal fees and expected disbursements. This approach provides our clients with cost certainty, and ensures that each matter is handled as efficiently as possible. We also have the flexibility to centralize the administrative processing and billing for all of our client’s North American and global immigration matters, and we bill our corporate clients in the currency of their choice.

Progressive Fee Structures. To insure the most cost effective solutions possible, we offer our corporate clients volume discounts and progressive fee structures that reduce the cost of legal fees as the number of cases increase. As previously noted, we handle both the U.S. and Canadian immigration needs of many of our corporate clients, and can provide such clients with a further discount. We do not charge corporate clients for initial case consultations or employee eligibility assessments.

Expedited Case Processing.   There will always be cases that are time sensitive or require expedited handling. We have established protocols for “rush” cases for our corporate clients, and are normally able to prepare applications the same day we receive the requisite information. Further, we can assist with requesting the expedited adjudication of cases, both through traditional channels and direct communication with immigration officials. Timely and expedited case approvals provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Advisory Services and Compliance Programs. Our law firm provides corporate clients with ongoing strategic advice, training and support to ensure compliance with immigration-related legal requirements in the United States, Canada and globally. We can audit your existing corporate immigration practices and programs to: (1) streamline the processes; (2) identify cost-cutting opportunities; (3) develop “best practices”; and (4) ensure compliance with all work authorization and employment verification requirements. We also frequently advise companies on the immigration consequences of mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations.

Priority Access to Partners and Support. Each corporate client is assigned a minimum of two senior partners in addition to as many lawyers and law clerks as required. This insures that there is always timely legal advice and support available, and that every file is processed as efficiently as possible.

24/7 Service Capability.  Many of our clients run global businesses. Our law firm can provide access to legal advice and support services on a 24/7 basis, and can customize communication and work schedule platforms to fit your business needs. Every corporate client has 24/7 access to the private cell phone number of at least two senior partners to facilitate after-hours assistance in the case of an urgent problem or issue.

Employee Support.  Our law firm can offer comprehensive expertise and assistance on the ancillary issues that your employees will face as they relocate. This includes issues relating to family members, customs, moving,  and taxation. We recognize that the more efficiently and seamlessly your employee can relocate, the greater his or her work productivity will be. Our comprehensive pre- and post transfer assistance for employees is invaluable.


1. How can your law firm handle all of our North American and global immigration needs?
We can handle all of your North American immigration needs because each of our partners is licensed to practice law in both Canada and the United States. Immigration law is federal in nature, and we work efficiently with corporate clients in every major city in the U.S. and Canada. Our global immigration practice is based on strong relationships with leading immigration counsel in other countries throughout the world. Although we can refer our corporate clients directly to top immigration lawyers in countries outside of North America, we more commonly directly manage and administer their global immigration cases through our international colleagues. This provides our corporate clients with the cost savings and administrative and billing efficiency of a single immigration law firm provider.

2. Can working with Cumming & Partners reduce our legal costs?
Although our first focus is on unparalleled competency and superior client service, Cumming & Partners offers corporate clients very competitive legal fees. It is our goal to reduce every new corporate client’s immigration related legal fees by a minimum of 20%. We can accomplish this by implementing streamlined processes and best practices for your immigration needs. We also offer volume discounts and progressive fee structures that reduce the cost of your legal fees as the number of cases increase. When we handle both the U.S. and Canadian immigration cases for a company, the administrative efficiencies can allow us to further discount our legal fees.

3. How can our company make our employee transfers more efficient?
Reducing the cost of your immigration-related legal fees is a fundamental goal. Equally important, however, is improving the efficiency of your employee transfers. The smoother the process, the more productive your employee will be (both before and after the move). This involves establishing realistic timelines and meeting deadlines so that the move occurs exactly as and when expected. It also involves providing your employees with pre- and post transfer support with issues related to family members, customs, moving and taxation. Our law firm can work closely with your company’s tax, legal, financial and HR professionals to improve the efficiency of your employee transfers.

4. We handle immigration matters through our in-house counsel and/or our HR professionals. Will you assist us with problem cases?
Our law firm works as outside expert legal counsel for large companies who internally handle their immigration cases. When a problem case arises or an application refusal occurs, Cumming & Partners is happy to offer its expertise on a case-by-case basis. This is an excellent way for our law firm to build a relationship with your company. We relish difficult cases and have a unique ability to “think outside the box” and implement creative solutions.

5. Our company is small or mid-size but expanding into new markets. How will Cumming & Partners work with us to help us grow?
Small and mid-size companies expanding into new countries and markets face many of the same issues as large multinationals, but sometimes are not as well equipped to address these issues. We work closely with such companies to develop cost effective immigration and business solutions that appropriately match their pace of growth. There are also a number of immigration solutions that are unique to small and mid-sized companies. We can provide comprehensive advice on setting up your business in a new country. Please refer to the information provided at Expanding Your Business into the United States and Expanding Your Business into Canada for a discussion of many of the relevant issues.