Legal Fees

Cumming & Partners is a top law firm that possesses unique expertise. We provide superior legal advice and client service through an efficient business model that reduces costs and maximizes value.

Legal fees are billed based upon the amount of work required and the complexity of the issues involved. Traditionally, lawyers have billed for their professional services on an hourly fee basis. This “hourly” billing model does not provide cost certainty, and can lead to higher than expected legal bills and dissatisfied clients.

Cumming & Partners is fortunate to be a law firm that restricts and focuses its practice into several specialized areas. Because of our restricted practice, we work repeatedly on similar cases and client files. This repetition of work allows us to improve our efficiencies and reduce our costs. It also allows us to have a thorough understanding of the work involved and required for a specific type of file.

As a result, Cumming & Partners can normally provide clients with a flat fee quote for legal services in advance of starting the file. The written fee quote will detail not only the legal fees but also the expected disbursements. This insures that the total cost for a matter is clearly understood by the client, and that the account for legal services (when rendered) is for the exact amount expected. We have found this flat fee billing model increases client satisfaction significantly.

Our law firm does not charge a fee for an initial inquiry. If you require assistance, please Contact Us to discuss your situation and facts. Together, we can determine if we are the right legal counsel for you. We can also confirm the expected costs to handle your legal matter.