The life blood of our successful business is the consistent stream of new clients referred to our law firm. These referrals are normally from existing or past clients, other lawyers and law firms, and other professionals such as accountants and financial advisors. Every referral is greatly appreciated.

As a result of our limited and specialized practice, most new clients are the direct result of a referral. If you are a new client and you have been referred to our law firm, please provide the referral details at the time you contact us. This provides us with an immediate personal connection to you as a client.

Referrals from existing and past clients. If you are a current or past client, please feel free to refer new clients to our law firm. We would be pleased to work with your family, friends or colleagues, and will be sure to provide them with the same superior service. If you wish to make sure the referral is appropriate, just call us to discuss the matter prior to making the referral. When you make a referral, please ask the new client to specifically mention your name when contacting our firm. This will give us the opportunity to thank you properly.

Referrals from other lawyers and law firms. Many of our clients are directed to our law firm for a special-purpose engagement by other lawyers and law firms. We are always interested in establishing these types of referral relationships, and we would be happy to provide you with any number of client references, and/or references from other lawyers and law firms who refer us work.

Referrals from other professionals. Cumming & Partners works closely with professionals who provide client services in different disciplines, such as accounting and investment management. Many of the clients we work with are referred to us by such professionals, who actively identify legal issues for their clients.

If you are a lawyer or other professional who would like to make a client referral or establish a referral relationship with Cumming & Partners, please contact our managing partner Andrew Cumming at your first convenience.

Our strong referral relationships with other lawyers and professionals exist for a number of reasons. In contemplation of a referral relationship, please consider the following:

  • Quality of Legal Services. First and foremost, our law firm provides superior legal counsel and client service. A satisfied and happy client ensures that the referral reflects well on the source, and can create significant client goodwill for the referring lawyer or professional.
  • Restricted Practice Areas. Our law firm’s practice is restricted to very specific areas of expertise. We can assist your client in these areas, and strengthen your ongoing and overall relationship with the client. We understand that part of our role is to support and reinforce your existing relationship with the client.
  • Cooperative Approach. We are equally comfortable working with a new client directly or in conjunctions with other lawyers and professionals in a multi-disciplinary approach. Our law firm is happy to develop a cooperative working relationship and provide you and your clients with ongoing expertise in our practice areas.
  • Mutual Benefit and Recognition of the Referral. We are a growing law firm that values referral relationships tremendously. Because of our restricted practice areas, we often need to refer other types of work to top lawyers and advisors. We do everything in our power to make sure the referral relationship is mutually rewarding, and that you receive recognition for the value of your referrals.